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About Tara McManaway and Associates
McManaway and Associates not only supports the concept of supervision and consultation for massage and bodywork practitioners, but believes this is a best practice for the profession. Supervision allows regular conversations about massage and practice policies, clients, cases as well as ethical dilemmas that arise. Because massage is often a solo and solitary practice, having regular conversations about your work will keep you from burn out, isolation and the slippery slopes which lead to ineffective practice decisions.
Mental Health Professions recognize the value of regular consultations and supervision. Body-Oriented Mental Health Practitioners need a supervisor who has experience with similar integrative practices.
Tara McManaway, owner
Multiple Associates
Thanks for stopping by to read about our services. I am committed to providing supervision that works for YOU. I would love to answer any questions you have. I encourage you to review our website, the supervision information binderSupervision for Massage Professionals Presentation and my resume.
On a case by case basis, associates with background and training in Mental Health First Aid and Massage are contracted to provide services under the direct supervision of Tara McManaway.
"Watching the transformation of each participant is what draws me to education and supervision. All of the participants gain more than just an education--they gain confidence, insight, personal and lifestyle awareness, and professional competence.”~ Tara McManaway